about me

Mahyar ghasemi

I believe that God would do the impossible in my life!

Mahyar Ghasemi: I have started Martial Arts since I was 8 years old. I participated in regional and sectional competitions in year 2001 and then I was invited into the Fool-contact sparring, Taekwondo competitions in year 2004. In year 2007, I received the world cup along with the gold belt in Full-contact, Kick-boxing in Turkey. In addition, I became a champion during the Asian Kickboxing competitions at Tajikistan in year 2008. On the other hand, I have a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

* The world cup championship in Full-contact, Kick-boxing in year 2007.
* Gold belt received during the Full-contact world championship.
* The champion of Asian Kickboxing competitions at Tajikistan in 2008.
* The champion of regional, sectional and international competitions in several years.
* Having an international teaching license in Full-contact Teakwondo from Germany.
* Having a teaching license in Full-contact Kickboxing from the Martial Arts Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
* Having a teaching license in FIMA martial arts and fitness from UK.
* Having a teaching license in Karate kyokushin, the ranks of 5th Dan from the martial arts federation in Turkey.
* Having an international arbitration certificate in Kickboxing competitions.
* Nanchaku couch at the Central Nanchaku School in Iran National Institution.
* Martial Arts advisor in Rome, Italy in year 2010.
* MMA awards in outstanding competitions in Munich, Germany.
* Doctorate degree from International University of Martial Arts in USA.